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33 Hawley Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Project overview

The Arts Trust's mission is to acquire and protect spaces for creative work in the community. The energy-efficient building being developed at 33 Hawley Street will be inexpensive to operate and free of capital costs. Interior spaces are being designed with maximum flexibility: three informal classroom/rehearsal studio spaces, visual arts exhibition spaces, a 200+ seat black box theater and ancillary spaces, a flexible performance/event space, and a large lobby with mezzanine and concession area and box office/offices. Over 100 parking spaces surround the building, along with other outdoor spaces with potential for creative use.

The Arts Trust will implement its mission by creating long-term leases with arts organizations that will program the activities in the building. Three long standing arts organizations will begin to program this Fall 2017 when the building opens to partial occupancy with three flexible work spaces.  The Northampton Center for the Arts, which has a 30-year history of producing community arts events, will serve as a primary programmatic, operational and managerial tenant of the building;  A.P.E., with its long history of innovative arts programming in the community, will facilitate creative work through its associate artists; and NCTV, Northampton Community Television, will move into one of the lower work spaces to create a vibrant media lab for its programs.  Through a 12-month master calendar, these three arts partners will begin to create a diversity of programming at Hawley Street.

When the building is fully open and all spaces are completed to occupancy, the goal of programming at 33 Hawley Street will be expansive as multiple events can be scheduled simultaneously.

Activities will fall into four broad categories:

  1. generative research and process that could include short-term rehearsal or long-term residencies
  2. community-oriented classes and workshops in visual arts, theater, dance and other disciplines
  3.  visual arts exhibitions, theater, dance and music performances as well as film showings and other audience-oriented events
  4. revenue generating rentals to individuals or groups.

Long-range program planning will maximize flexible, creative use of spaces and maintain affordability through energy efficiency, public/private collaboration and volunteer involvement. Planning goals include:

  • Programs for emerging artists
  • Artist residencies mixed with short-term use
  • Serving children with a range of hands-on experiences
  • Creating a liaison with local schools and colleges
  • Fostering intercultural communication and arts education
  • Remaining responsive to needs of both artists and the community


For information on how to work or rent space at 33 Hawley Street, contact:

Northampton Center for the Arts: